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Engage with a North America based community of HR decision-makers and help shape the future of HR. Expert Lightning Talks, Digital Incubators and insightful discussions are just some of the main channels through which expert people leaders deliver valuable content during HRD Collective.

Get a closer look at the day’s schedule and find out how you can contribute thought leadership. Download our May 17th 2023 brochure and become part of the solution.

Benefits of becoming a partner:

  • Guaranteed leads from qualified, engaged senior people leaders with 48 hours of the end of the event
  • Engage with a purpose-built, lead-nurturing environment
  • Access to insightful stats and info about your desired audience
  • Inside look at audience seniority, company size and geography
  • Meet potential partners, our speakers & advisory board
  • Join forward-thinking people leaders in devising solutions for the future of HR
  • Get a detailed view of the day’s schedule