HRD Collective

HRD Collective is a space for people leaders to evolve their skillsets and mindsets through collaboration. As a leading HR tech solutions partner, you will be a part of the agenda and discussion with different session formats available such as Scene Setters, Digital Incubators and Lightning Talks.

Get in front of senior people leaders from companies such as Capital One, Etsy, HSBC, Kraft Heinz, Kantar, Marie Curie, Microsoft, Shell and many others, to explore and establish the future of HR.

  • Gain a dedicated Customer Success representative, Content Producer and Account Manager
  • Our smart technology tools will analyse interactions to present the most relevant, highly qualified lead opportunities
  • Access our data dashboard for procurement intelligence – including each lead’s budget and key interest/challenge areas to support your sales and marketing
  • Leads are scored and delivered within 48 hours of the HRD Collective
  • Deliver a Lightning Talk for Brand Awareness, Content Syndication and Lead Generation


Be part of an exclusive roundtable with a very select group of people leaders, exploring high-level issues that your innovations could address.

Gain unique exposure to the challenges people leaders are facing and the tech solutions they are seeking.

  • Engage with key clients, get leads and develop new opportunities
  • Build your credibility as you lead the discussion alongside a recognised industry leader
  • Network and learn from HR leaders
  • Explore the latest challenges, opportunities and trends


Meet and collaborate with up to 25 HR leaders to solve a challenge aligned with your HR tech solution.

Reconnect with key clients, get leads and explore new opportunities, using our specialised platform. Build awareness of your solution to attendees, gain live feedback and uncover the core issues HR leaders are facing.

  • 15-25 attendees
  • Topics recommended by our content team on challenges that your technology resolves
  • Professional moderator delivers introduction and allocates breakout rooms
  • Send a summary created by our content team from you to the attendees
  • Receive contact details for all workshop attendees for follow up, GDPR Compliant
  • Unique opportunity to discuss challenges and potential solutions


Our webinars are live discussions with visual prompts, exploring the issues that matter for your clients and prospects — so that you build customer engagement and brand awareness.

A member of your team joins an expert panel of speakers, placing you at the heart of a key challenge alongside people leaders.

The full HRD audience is invited to participate in the live discussion – you can also invite your clients and prospects. Share the session recording as part of your marketing outreach.

  • Get leads from pre-event promotion and post-session distribution
  • Credibility and recognition as part of an expert panel of speakers
  • 100+ registrants (package and brand dependent) /60-minute session, including Q&A
  • Hosted and moderated by us or a third-party thought leader
  • Opportunity to include poll questions to inform discussion, engage attendees and feed into further campaigns
  • Hosted on demand